Keep fit during
working hours
Well-being platform for raising team spirit and improving the health of each employee
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Save up points
Team-wide point accumulation system with gamification
Get prizes
Opportunity to exchange points for corporate gifts
Train anywhere
Available activities during and after work hours
Every company faces a decline in employee productivity and motivation. The reasons lie in the uncertainty of the external world and low level of physical activity of employees.
Problem and solution
Corporate Challenges that are available to everyone
Regular short sports breaks during the working day
Nutritional recommendations
Psychologic support
The program is written by an experienced sports medicine physician and is appropriate for employees of varying fitness levels

Increase in employee productivity
Improvement of employee health and psychological atmosphere in the team
Strengthening the HR brand
Quick implementation
Three areas of Team Sporting's influence
Body activation
Brain & De-stress
Revitalizing healthy eating
Sports exercises that anyone can do. Perfect for those who want to start exercising!
Users have the opportunity to add their workouts (running, swimming, gym, etc.) to the app and get extra points!

If an employee is stressed, they can find anti-stress activity in the application.
For those who want to develop not only the body, but also the brain, we offer special exercises for reaction.
We provide access to a course with nutritional guidelines. Every employee has the opportunity to improve their health with support from a professional nutritionist

How the Team sporting works
The employee receives a push notification reminding them to take a break from work to complete the exercise.
The employee chooses an exercise depending on the goal (physical exercise to increase energy levels or breathing exercises to focus attention).
The employee performs 3-4 short exercises during the working day. Points are automatically awarded for each completed exercise!
After work, each employee can join our online workout. Or choose your own workout(to the pool, gym, etc.) and get points as well
Every day, colleagues cheer each other on in the chat room and keep track of their own and the team's progress. Team members always see how many points are required to reach a common goal
Leave a request and we will call you back
Try Team Sporting for free!
Choose your plan
2 months
One-time challenge. Adventure for 2 months. Flexible price.
Choose a goal for the team and a ready-made training program that will help achieve the goal
6 months
Long-term program. The recommended period is 6 months. Flexible price.
In addition to the workout program, we connect access to nutritional and mental health courses.
Custom program
Custom program.The recommended period is more than 6 months. Flexible price.
A unique program of sports activities that is tailored to your team's specific needs. The program also includes regular functional training in an online or offline format

CEO. Sports enthusiast
Dmitry Kuznetsov
Doctor of sports medicine
Inna Baryshnikova
Maryanne Kukva
Our team
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